General Meeting
Tuesday February 2, 2010
Sizzler Restaurant – Fullerton, CA

Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Orrico, Dianne Wiest, Ginger Girvin, Jennifer Spencer, Geoff
Girvin, Doug Mariani, Joe Orrico, Jim Cooper, Vicki Kump and Linda Norris
The meeting was called to order at 7:01 by President Cindy Orrico. Everyone was welcomed and it was
determined there was a quorum.

1. There was a moment of silence for Ilona Alciatore who went to join the Lord.

2. There was a short discussion for a possible location for a reception for Ilona.

3. Shirley reported Dave Stewart suffered a heart attack.

4. Cindy Orrico will keep us posted about Ilona and Dave Stewart.

5. Kudos went to Doug Mariani for doing an awesome job with the website.

6. Cindy thanked Vicki and Linda for the incredible job they did with the January banque

t. But we
still missed Tom Cuccio’s expertise and personality.

7. Cindy thanked Dianne, Ginger and Jennifer for being on the board with her.

8. Dianne Wiest welcomed new visitors: Scott Berkley and Randy Valparaiso.

9. Greg Glodery announced Connell Chevrolet will be our new sponsor. They will give our members
a good deal, help us with a car show and share their trophy display case

10. The board will discuss details for a new banner.

11. Tom Cuccio presented Greg Glodery with a beautiful award for being our president from 2004-
2009. Greg also received his 10 year pin.

12. Reg and Dori Lawrence were presented Rookie of the Year Trophy

13. Jim Cooper is MVP for the year.

14. Tim Pearson received his 5 year pin.

15. Ed Norris received his 30 year pin.

16. Dave Alciatore will receive his 40 year pin.

17. Joe Orrico gave the NCCC report announcing that CSS was the 1st place club. Joe announced the
following awards; Men; 1st Joe Orrico, 3rd Scott Glover, 4th Rick Miller, 8th Reg Lawrence, 9th Ed
Norris, 10th Geoff Girvin. Women; 1st Cindy Orrico, 2nd Jennifer Spencer, 3rd Renita Glover, 4th
Lynn Miller, 8th Ginger Girvin, 9th Dori Lawrence.

18. Treasurer Report: Jennifer announced that we have a balance of $16,000.

19. Dianne Wiest read a thank you note from Hillview Acres for $3,500 for Christmas. She also
discussed a flyer about the Council of Aging.

20. Social Activities: 2-6 Bowling and dinner, 2-20 Homeland Security,

21. 2/20-2/21 NASCAR Drivers parade, Pomona.

22. Kathy Baddley, Lynn Miller and Shirley are all feeling better.

23. Geoff and Dennis led the Birthday song for birthdays and Anniversaries.

24. 4, 40th Anniversaries this year; 2-12 Wiest, 3-21 Girvin, 7-12 Rosen, 12-9 Works.

25. Marietta read a thank you note from His House for our $3,500 Christmas donation.

26. There was a short discussion about business card advertisement on the web site.

27. Dad Girvin was voted in for membership to the club. He is 88 years old.

28. The Watkins were welcomed as new members.

29. Doug Mariani would like members to send pictures of members with their cars for him to put on
the website. All agreed, but the license should not be visible, along with no last names.

30. Geoff gave prizes to those who answered the trivia questions in the newsletter.

31. Cindy will take care of the roster.

32. Renita will do the raffle with 50/50 each month, raffle for prizes every three months.

33. Rick suggested we post details very early for the upcoming club events.

34. Larry Farrell volunteered to be Sergeant at Arms.

35. Next business meeting will be held 2-16 at Marie Callendars, Grand/17th, 6:00dinner 7:00 meeting.

36. Art shared about Prado Shooting event last month. 18 people shot and points were kept.

37. A thank you card and cash of $100 was presented to Paula for a job well done.

38. We need to order new envelopes and letter head stationary.

39. Cindy announced the Corvette books were here for $20.

40. Happy Occurrences: Jennifer had a great time at Laughlin, Joe loves his new ZR1 and
Larry can’t get enough of his 2010 Callaway.

41. We all thanked Doug and Elizabeth for the fantastic Holiday party and Glover’s New Year’s party.

42. Shirley will be in charge of club hats and clothes. Rick will email the logo to Cindy.

43. Bob Kump won the dinner raffle.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 PM
Respectfully submitted by Ginger Girvin, Secretary for Corvette Super Sport 2010